Ikon Essences, with a focus on quality and enhancing the brand value for our customer is excelling in the field of flavors and fragrances by providing unmatched product quality.

Ikon Essences is a family owned business. Since its inception in 2006, Ikon Essences by the grace of almighty has never looked backed and has started enjoying support from its customers and distributors.

Backed by the vast experience and knowledge of the flavoring and fragrances industry, Ikon Essences intends to move further ahead in reaching ahead into our domestic as well as overseas customers. With the passage of time the company has been able to establish a strong link with its stakeholders, but what we do best is that we come up to the expectations of our valued customers.

The vast experience and knowledge of our experts help us creating enhanced value for our customers which ultimately help them in enhancing the value of their very own brands.

In a very short span of time, Ikon Essences has been able to produce clientele in the beverage, confectionary and dairy industries primarily due to its product quality.


“Our Mission at Ikon Essences is to produce quality flavors and fragrances to cater to the ever changing requirements of the food and fragrance producers.

Establishes in 2009 the company aims to learn maximum from its surrounding environment. This can be achieved best by working as close to the customers as possible.

Initiating from the city of Karachi, we intend to expand further with our superior quality products.

Based on an innovative and state of the art manufacturing technology, we intend to establish ourselves as a strong brand maintaining decent returns for our stake holders and our nation at large. “



“To establish as a leading Pakistani flavoring house to compete on an international level. We will learn our customer’s attitudes through continuous learning marked by innovation, flexibility and an attitude for continuous improvement.”